Emerson's 3 Peaks Enduro 2016

We were the first major NZ Enduro and now back for our fifth year, now with a new sponsor, Emerson's Brewery. We are a non-gravity assist enduro meaning riders have to conquer the entire courses on their own steam. No easy shuttle options here folks! Trust us though, it will be worth the effort. 

Dunedin's Emerson's 3 Peaks Enduro is an event for everyone young to old, from newbees to top level pros. It is a very social event, while still being highly competitive

Riders start in waves of 20 riders and riders can start with their friends if they like. The climbs are untimed and we ensure the time limits allow for a relaxed pace, so normally all the riders have a great time chatting and getting to know each other. The descents are the race stages. Riders use special chips to start and stop the clock for each section, so an overall time can be awarded at the end. This format has proven to be fun and rewarding for all levels of riders, because it doesn't matter how fast you are, the challenge is all yours... and you still get to ride with others all day and have an amazing time.

With 3-4 long hard climbs per day, endurance also plays an important part in the success of riders. Ideal training for an enduro involves long fitness rides, strength workouts and skill sessions. It really is mountain biking for the all-rounder. 

The exact course will remain secret until the end to avoid local riders training on the course and an unfair advantage for locals. For 2016 we will hopefully have some surprises. Its possible day one will be physically more challenging then in the past and possibly more rugged... so good fitness will be crucial. The skill level required shouldn't be harder then past years, but this is also weather dependent!

A carnival atmosphere with great beer (provided this year by Emerson's!) and music will greet riders at the finish of each day.

We will have a final prize giving with a meal at the end and there is also lots of great prizes and cash to be given away.

Rosara Joseph at hecklers corner on Signal Hill 


Entries open HERE on June 30th 10pm NZ time. We are limited to the first 200 entries. 

Age Categories : 

Youth Men & Women Under 17 yrs
Junior Men & Women 17–20 yrs
Senior Men & Women 21–29 yrs
Master Men & Women 30–39 yrs
Classic Men & Women 40–49 yrs
Legend Men & Women 50–plus yrs    

Entry Fee :

Entry Fee - $120 ($90 for Youth and Juniors)
$10 per rider is given directly to Mountain Bike Otago (whom we share the organisation of the event with) which they put to great use to build & maintain the local trails as well as organise many fantastic local events. The rest of the entry fee covers the high costs of organising and running this event. This structure means Bike Otago can pay its staff and others to help organise the race and ensure a high quality event!


Race jerseys :

Get a personalised race jersey with your name printed on the back! Just $70 with entry (price has gone up from $60 last year due to our supplier putting up the price)

Important Info :  

-Parental or guardian consent is required for all persons under the age of 16 yrs. 
No refunds will be given after the end of September. Refunds prior to this will incur a $10.00NZD (incl. GST) administration fee. Please contact us by email to withdraw.

-Entries are transferable up until one week before the event. Transfers to other people or to a later event may be made prior to this date (subject to availability). Transfers prior to this will incur a $10.00NZD (incl. GST) administration fee. Please contact us by email if you wish to transfer your entry.

-In the case of the event being cancelled for safety reasons or a natural disaster, entry fees will not be refunded or transferred.


Race Rules 

Please see race rules here. Please remember Full face helmets are compulsory during race runs at the Emerson's 3 Peaks Enduro.


Friday 2nd December

- Practice day on Signal Hill only

Saturday 3nd December

- Epic day in the mountains. Start at 9am - Finish 1-3pm.
- Party (to be confirmed)

Sunday 4th December

- Signal Hill day. Start 9am - Finish 1-2pm.
- Prize Giving (to be confirmed)


Here is our minimum prize list (If we get more cash sponsors, we will increase these amounts) The top 3 in all age category places will win product prizes.

1st - $1000 1st - $1000
2nd - $600 2nd - $600

3rd - $400

3rd - $400




The Urge 3 Peaks mountain bike race was first run in 2012 and was the first major enduro event in New Zealand. Spearheaded by life member Kashi Leuchs the event saw over 100 competitors race 3 unassisted stages in one day.

In 2013 the Urge 3 Peaks race introduced a prologue urban downhill stage, finishing in the heart of the Octagon on a packed Friday night. Thanks went to MBO (James Crawford and his team) for successfully bringing mountain biking to the people of Dunedin. The Saturday saw competitors again traversing the original 3 peaks route with Justin Leov and Rosara Joseph taking the men's and women's overall win.

In 2014 the event was presented by Bike Otago with Organisers Kashi Leuchs and Tom Bradshaw (in partnership with Mountain Biking Otago(MBO)). A per rider levy will be paid back to MBO for the ongoing support and development of tracks in Dunedin . The event will also serve to encourage development of the Three Peaks Trail and raise the profile of Dunedin as a mountain bike destination in New Zealand.

This year we continue with the same structure as 2014, although Tom Bradshaw is overseas now travelling. This year the rest of the Bike Otago team including Jeremy Forlong, Joel Anderson, Mel Forlong, Jack Foersterling and Ethan Glover will be doing the grunt work for the organising.

The key members involved with organising the Emerson's 3 Peaks Enduro include:

Race director - Kashi Leuchs (kashi@bikeotago.co.nz)

Event Manager - Mel Forlong (mel@bikeotago.co.nz)

Timing & Course Manager  - Hamish Seaton

Logistics Support - James Crawford