Urge 3 Peaks Enduro 2014

6-7 DECEMBER 2014

Welcome to the 2014 Urge 3 Peaks Enduro. For the first time ever, we have two full days of racing!

We were the first major NZ Enduro and now back for our third year. And yes, we are keeping it real, with riders having to conquer the entire courses on their own steam. No easy shuttle options here folks! Trust us too, it will be worth the effort. We have some very exciting new trails and some of your favorite old ones as well.
The event will once again begin on Saturday morning from the Bull Pen on the top of Flagstaff. But the first two stages will have some big surprises and will remain top secret until the Friday before the event (and yes, thanks to your feedback, there will be less climbing on stage 1!). The final stage of the day will be the now infamous Mt Cargill walking track, (we just can't not do this one!), finishing at Bethunes Gully (in previous years this was the finish of stage two). You will be welcomed in with the smell of a BBQ, great music, a big marquee and T Man talking his usual shit.
Then we are back again on Sunday with two brand new runs in the Signal Hill area. Everything will be based around the top paddock above Logan Park High School, with riders using the Big Easy climbing track to get to the top. The race stages will be kept secret until Friday the 5th of December, at which point selected stages will be open to practice.
Once again, your hard work will be very well rewarded once you finish, with a big party atmosphere, tasty BBQ, great music and a big marquee incase things get damp.


Entries open on Wednesday 25th June at 9pm here on the Bike Otago website. Link will be pasted here and we will also post something on the blog and on facebook.

The 2014 Entry fee is $90 (Juniors $70.)

The entry fee includes 2 days and 5 stages of enduro racing (a whole lot of course design, building and marking!), BBQ's after each days racing, a festival atmosphere at the end of each stage (Marquee if its cold), Transport back to vehicles on day one if needed, feed zones with food and drink, First Aid.


For 2014 we will have top quality, long sleeve, enduro racing jerseys produced, which can be added to your entry fee for an additional $60. Jerseys will feature riders number and last name on the back!



We will be giving $2000+ in cash prizes to the top 3 in the overall mens and women's categories. Plus there will be $5000+ in spot prizes!



Here's the video of the 2013 event, which featured an urban stage. The urban stage is not planned for the 2014 addition, but instead we will have a second day of racing on the Sunday!



To help keep the day stress free, riders can start each race run in their own time, either chasing their friends, or leaving a gap of choice. The race runs will be 90% downhill with a few short climbs only. The trails are at an advanced level, so please ensure you are a capable rider before entering this race.

While the climbs are not timed, there is an overall time limit to achieve the event. We will have a cut off time at certain points along the course and if riders are too late, we will have a shuttle available to bring you to the top of the final downhill. If you decide to take this option you will not get an overall ranking (but you will still get individual race run results).
We will have feed stations with drink and food available during the stages, yet we ask that riders come prepared with food, spare parts and clothing.
To help with logistics, we will have a van leaving the finish area on day one (Bethunes Gully) to bring riders back to the start (Flagstaff) to pick up vehicles approx. every hour, or as needed.
Please note that pre-riding will not be allowed on all stages of this race because some of the tracks are not normally open for mountain bikers and we only have special permission on race day. (please respect this and do not ride these tracks, otherwise we will risk losing the permission to hold this race in the future)






The Urge 3 Peaks was a Silver event in 2013... we will announce our 2014 status as soon as it is released!





Friday 5th Dec

-Some tracks open for practice.

-Number collection at Bike Otago from 5-7pm


Saturday 6th Dec

-Late number collection at start from 9-10am

-Riders begin in waves between 10-11am (we will let you know in advance your start time)

-Finish party and BBQ at Bethunes Gully between 2-4pm

-Results and day 2 seeding released by email before 9pm


Sunday 7th Dec

-Riders begin in waves between 10-11am from bottom of Signal hill

-BBQ for riders as they finish between 1-3pm

-Prize Giving at 3pm





For day one, riders will be seeded for the start based on the current NZ MTB Crown rankings. For day two, riders will be seeded by the results from day one.

Your seeding will determine your start wave. We use waves to help spread out the field and not have large waiting times. If you choose to start in a different wave then specified, then this is okay. Your time will only begin when you cross the line.

Each special race stage time will be calculated and the winner will be the rider with the least elapsed time during all five race stages, having also completed the entire course within the set time limit.


Stages must be contested on the same bike. Competitors can use any type of bike, but the best bike for this kind of racing is a ‘trail’ or ‘all mountain’ bike, normally with 5-6″ travel.

The bicycle must be in good working order and have no electronically or mechanically assisted motors. The handlebar ends must be protected by caps. Every contestant must be completely self-sufficient during the race, including the repair and/or substitution of bicycle parts (for example changing the inner tube), with the exception of technical zones (at the end of each race run).

Full Face Helmet Requirement

Full face helmets are compulsory during race runs at the Urge 3 Peaks Enduro. For the liasons (in between) stages, a helmet must be worn at all times.


During all timed special stages approved full face helmets, knee pads and gloves are compulsory.

During all other times on the bike, approved helmets (open or full face), must be worn while riding, even in the car parks! We will have hidden marshals at random places during the liaison stages taking numbers of riders who are not wearing helmets. Riders caught riding without a helmet will receive a 2min penalty on their race time. No exceptions.

Back protection and elbow pads are strongly recommended, but not compulsory.

Spare parts/tools

It is strongly recommended that all riders carry a minimum of 2 tubes, a pump and a multi tool. There is no outside mechanical assistance allowed.

In case of cold weather

Dunedin’s weather is very unpredictable and this event climbs high into the mountains, so some extra warm clothing is essential. Please carry suitable clothing, such as a waterproof jacket, thermal tops, leg/arm warmers etc.


Transfers from one special stage to another are not timed. However, there are time limits within which each contestant must complete the transfer. Outside assistance is not allowed in liaisons.

Road Rules

The race uses public roads during the liaisons which are open to traffic. It is very important that all competitors understand this and obey by the road code when ever on a road section.


Competitors must complete the course in its entirety, without leaving the marked trail and without taking any shortcuts.


-Men, Woman.
- Under 19 (15-19), Senior (20-29) Master 1 (30-39) , Masters 2 (40-49), Master 3 (50+)

Help and assistance

In case of a mechanical breakdown, the competitor must either fix the bike by him/herself, or with the help by another competitor. All other outside help is forbidden.

In case of accidents it is each competitor’s responsibility to help other competitors in need or in trouble and possibly call for assistance by telling a race marshall.

Contestants that pull out of the race must inform the organization.

Conditions of entry

To enter the race you need to:

- Follow the rules

- Be 15 years old or more

- Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian signs a waiver on their behalf when picking up race pack.

Image rights

Participant permits the Urge 3 Peaks organisers or any sponsors of the event to use any photographs, videotapes, recordings or any other records taken during the race for publicity, advertising, or any other legitimate purpose, without compensation to the participant.


Past Events


2013 Category results

2013 Full results

2013 Photos by Maria Anderson

2013 Photos by Emma Wells photos

2012 Race Results


2012 Race Video...

2012 Urge 3 Peaks Enduro from Black Seal on Vimeo.




The Urge 3 Peaks mountain bike race was first run in 2012 and was the first major enduro event in New Zealand. Spearheaded by life member Kashi Leuchs the event saw over 100 competitors race 3 unassisted stages in one day.

In 2013 the Urge 3 Peaks race introduced a prologue urban downhill stage, finishing in the heart of the Octagon on a packed Friday night. Thanks went to MBO (James Crawford and his team) for successfully bringing mountain biking to the people of Dunedin. The Saturday saw competitors again traversing the original 3 peaks route with Justin Leov and Rosara Jospeh taking the men's and women's overall win.

The 2014 event will be presented by Bike Otago with Organisers Kashi Leuchs and Tom Bradshaw (in partnership with Mountain Biking Otago(MBO)). A per rider levy will be paid back to MBO for the ongoing support and development of tracks in Dunedin . The event will also serve to encourage development of the Three Peaks Trail and raise the profile of Dunedin as a mountain bike destination in New Zealand.


The club members involved with organizing the Urge 3 Peaks Enduro include:

Race director - Kashi Leuchs (kashi@blackseal.co.nz

Event Manager - Tom Bradshaw (tom@blackseal.co.nz)

Timing - Hamish Seaton/Megan Rose

Art / Design - Anja McDonald