Gloworm Lights are in!

Kiwi company Gloworm have just delivered their latest range of riding lights, and boy are we impressed. 100% designed in New Zealand, these lights are as bright as you'll get, and are incredibly lightweight so they're great for helmet mounting. There are glowing reviews (pun intended) all over the internet, but for a hands-on trial please come down to the shop and have a play!

Their range comprises of:
Gloworm X1 - Their smallest and lightest unit, best as a helmet mounted spot or for commuting, 950 lumens at $249

Gloworm X2 - 1500 lumens but still only 80 grams, great for either bar or helmet mounting, at $329

Gloworm XS - Gloworm's flagship light, an incredible 2200 lumens and still lighter than most helmet-mounted lights, at $459

Kashi Leuchs
Kashi Leuchs


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Dave Dickson
Dave Dickson

May 15, 2014

I have an older X2 I think its 1200 lumens its the only light I use and its great plenty of distance and a good spread.

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