Surly Bikes!

As of yesterday, we're a Surly Bikes dealer. We've been suppliers of fantastic Surly gear since ages ago, but now we're able to get some really awesome stuff, like fatbikes, some seriously cool steel roadies, and the absolutely legendary touring bike the Long Haul Trucker. How cool is that? To say we're excited is an understatement. Now for the pictures...

And which one shall we get in first?

Flying fattie!

Yummy Surly Pacer

ECR (with 29x3.0 tyres!) off-road touring in Africa

We don't know what this bloke is up to, but his Long Haul Trucker looks well-loved

Cross-Check singlespeed

Surly the dwarf

Another Long Haul Trucker, this time in Argentina!

Moonlander. Look, he's still smiling.

Kashi Leuchs
Kashi Leuchs


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February 06, 2017

Hi are you still dealing with surly? Im looking for a surly disc trucker 62 cm frame. Is it possible to buy it here?

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