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It's true that most of our business is top-end custom builds, but since we love to see people take up riding, we can be pretty competitive with entry and mid-level stuff too.

Take this wicked little GT Avalanche Comp, for example, that we just got in for one of our customers. The best thing about this bike is the frame - GT has been fine-tuning the geometry for years, so you're getting the same ride as their most expensive offerings. 27.5" wheels and Conti Race King tyres are great quality, the Shimano Acera/Deore running gear and Promax hydraulic brakes will prove reliable for years, and the Suntour fork, whilst not as light and refined as RockShox or Fox models, has lockout and rebound adjust and gets good reviews. 

The other great thing about buying from us, regardless of the bike, is the possibility for customisation. Want different components? No worries, we'll do you a deal. Cut the bars down? Not a problem. For this bike our customer is trying out a few womens-specific saddles before taking the plunge. Our price for this bike was $850, and if you can find a better price we'd be impressed - especially considering we build and fit the bike for you, and give it a free first service. 

We don't keep these bikes on the shop floor, but we're more than happy to chat with you whilst browsing our catalogues. And who knows, with our new showroom opening up, we might find some room...

Kashi Leuchs
Kashi Leuchs


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