Bike Otago has been selling electric bikes for years - we sell ‘em, we repair ‘em, we ride ‘em and we love ‘em. We're passionate advocates of the electric bike revolution. Not only do they bring great freedom and pleasure to those who ride them, but each electric bike on the road helps to reduce the number of car journeys that we make, reducing pollution and easing traffic.  
Bike Otago is proud to have access to some great e-bike brands. Straight from the Californian coast,  Pedego bikes are the cream of the cruiser crop, coming in an array of fun colors and designs.
New Zealand designed SmartMotion bikes offer fantastic quality for a price otherwise unheard of. These bikes are built to last, with SmartMotion supplying bikes for the NZ Post and many hire fleets. Their reliability and clever design features make SmartMotion the brand of choice for many of our customers.
If you've already found your favourite bike, but you think it needs a little juice, we also install top-quality conversion kits from Lekkie - another Kiwi brand.
All of our bikes are available for demo rides, and we'd love to talk to you about which bike would be best for you.