Meet the team

We are Bike Otago, a group of passionate riders who are here to help you with your cycling needs – if you need a new bike, something fixed on your current bike, some honest advice or just a chat about bikes, come talk to us!  

Meet the team

Kashi Leuchs - Owner / Manager

Once upon a time, Kashi was a professional cyclist competing at the highest level of racing in road, cyclocross, and mountain biking, the latter being his main focus. After competing in thirteen consecutive mountain biking World Championships and representing New Zealand in three Olympic Games, Kashi returned to his hometown of Dunedin and now shares his experiences and passion through Bike Otago.

Kashi also runs Black Seal, importers of Yeti Cycles throughout NZ.

Kashi’s just built himself up a Yeti SB5 for the trails, and is currently preparing for his debut Coast 2 Coast, so will be trying all 3 Giant road bikes this winter to see what works best (TCR, Propel and Trinity). 

Mel Forlong - Office Manager

Mel has been running the books for Bike Otago since Kashi took over in 2013..While she might describe her work duties as “everything,” most times you’ll catch Mel running the website, making sure all of our orders are in fulfilled, or helping out on the shop floor.

Mel's been a regular at the womens rides and is loving her new sleek Liv Pique.

Jeremy Forlong - Mechanic / Sales

With 20+ years industry experience there are few people in the scene with more knowledge. Jeremy currently runs the day to day operations of the shop and he's dedicated to ensuring all customers get excellent service. 

Jeremy’s got a custom Yeti SB6c for his Enduro races and a Giant Anthem Advanced 0 with the beautiful SRAM Eagle drivetrain for XC.

Jeremy is preparing to race the 2018 Pioneer, so you're likely to see him riding out on the trails a lot !


Joel Anderson - Workshop Manager / Sales

Joel has been the heart and soul of Bike Otago for over six years. He’s earned a huge local following including the entire local downhill fraternity, a whole bunch of ‘interesting’ electric bikers, and many other regulars who keep coming back for the Ginger Ninja.

When he’s not too busy taking care of his new baby, Joel can be found up Signal on his new Giant XTC Advanced 29er 1 or cruising to work on his custom-painted bright pink Switchback Carbon Cyclocross bike.

Ethan Glover - Mechanic / Sales

The man, the myth, the legend behind some of Dunedin's fastest Strava times, Ethan helps us out down on the shop floor as a hardworking mechanic and salesman. 

When he's not in the shop, he can probably be found setting KOMs around Dunedin on his Santa Cruz Bronson or Highball.

Jake Paddon 

Jake has been helping Kashi at Black Seal over the past year, while filling in part time at Bike Otago when needed. Jake is off soon for a few months racing the EWS rounds in Europe on his Yeti SB6.


Roshni Mistry

Kashi's wife who does a lot of different jobs between Black Seal and Bike Otago. Roshni also makes fantastic birthday cakes for the team and is a regular on the weekly womens rides aboard her Yeti ARC-C.

Jack Foersterling - DNS

Jack has returned to the USA so is unfortunately no longer with us :(