Meet the team

We are Bike Otago, a group of passionate riders who are here to help you with your cycling needs – if you need a new bike, something fixed on your current bike, some honest advice or just a chat about bikes, come talk to us!  

Kashi Leuchs 

Kashi is the man behind Bike Otago, and is responsible for the overall strategy and direction of the company, as well as all the stuff like systems and procedures behind the scenes that you don’t see. You’ll also often catch him out on the shop floor, chatting to customers and generally causing trouble!

Before Bike Otago, Kashi professionally raced MTB’s for 13 years and has competed at both World Cup and Olympic level. He spent time living in the USA, France and Sweden, and has managed to travel around the world doing what he loves, riding.  While Kashi is always changing bikes, he’s currently loving his Yeti SB5, his Giant TCX Cyclocross, and he is also testing out the new Giant Propel.

While Kashi still loves his mountain biking, as a parent and a business owner, he enjoys a bit of peace and quiet more than anything, so his current favourite place to ride is the long way to work - from Port Chalmers, over the hill to Waitati then over Leith Saddle into town.

Fun fact about Kashi? His first ever concert was Rod Stewart!

Roshni Mistry-Leuchs

Roshni takes care of a number of tasks behind the scenes including the marketing and branding for Bike Otago.

Roshni worked for 95bFM in Auckland before falling in love with food, studying cookery at the NZ School of Food and Wine and then Nutrition & Dietetics at the University of Otago.

Currently she rides a Yeti SB6 and loves getting out on the bike with the kids to explore their neighbourhood of Port Chalmers or further afield. She coordinates and assists with with Bike Otago's Ladies who LOVE to Ride women's ride and is hugely passionate about getting women of all ages out mountain biking. Favourite place to ride: Signal Hill

 Fun Fact: She shared a room with her Grandma until she was 17!

Natalie Munns 

Natalie has been with us since September 2017 and works as our sales manager. On a daily basis you will see her out on the shop floor helping our customers to get the gear that’s perfect for them.  She also assists with our community events such as our Ladies Who Love to Ride weekly riding group and various demo days we have on throughout the year. 

Over the last 10 years Natalie has worked in various outdoor stores around NZ, and on her days off you will catch her riding on the trails. Her favourite places to ride are either around Cragieburn or Signal Hill, and her bike of choice is either her Yeti SB5 or her Liv Pique Advanced.

Fun fact about Nat? You’ll hear her on the trails before you see her!


Ethan Glover 

Ethan is responsible for the day to day running of our Bike Otago workshop and has been with us for over 4 years. He’s actually a trained geologist, but these days prefers to ride at high speeds over rock rather than study it! Ethan is the person to speak to about any issues you might be having with your bike or any repairs you might need done.

While he loves to ride around Dunedin, his absolute favourite place to ride is in Alexandra as it’s just such different terrain to anywhere else. His bike of choice is a Santa Cruz Bronson for Enduro racing and trail riding, and his Santa Cruz Highball (single speed) for cross country and trail riding.

Fun fact about Ethan? He’s a 5 a day Weetbix kinda guy!


Giles Rowe

Giles is our self-proclaimed resident enforcer of good times, although most days you’ll spot him on the shop floor assisting customers. Giles is a fairly new member to our team, having been with us since February 2018. Before he started at Bike Otago, he spent 6 months travelling around NZ, enjoying all the sights NZ has to offer and riding all the sweet trails.

His favourite place to ride is in on the North Shore of Vancouver when it’s misty, although for something a little more local, he can’t beat a session at Signal Hill (shuttle assisted - always a bonus!). He’s currently riding his Knolly Warden and T1 Ruben BMX.

Fun fact about Giles? He once broke his neck and tried to walk it off…. Turns out that doesn’t work!


Robbie Bradshaw 

Robbie has been with us for nearly 2 years now, and is our customer sales superstar. You’ll find him out on the shop floor, processing sales, and helping customers find what they are after. He also takes care of all the administration and ticketing for our annual 3 Peaks race.

Robbie is currently a student at the University of Otago, and is studying for a Bachelor of Physical Education and a Bachelor of Commerce. While he loves to ride locally, his absolute favourite place is around the Queenstown area, and you’ll catch him riding either his trusty Yeti ASR-C or his 575 (which he’s planning to update soon!)

Fun Fact about Robbie? The scarfie lifestyle killed his XC career!


 Samantha Hope 

Sam is our newest member of the Bike Otago team and joins us after working as a pharmaceutical warehouse assistant. In her role at Bike Otago, Sam is responsible for managing our stock control and inventory as well being out on the shop floor assisting our customers.

 Sam loves her Giant Reign, and her favourite place to ride in Dunedin is Signal Hill (when it’s dry of course!), She also loves riding the trails around Naesby and Alexandra.

Fun fact about Sam? Her and her partner share the same name, and they have just bought their first home together!


Felix Kyle 

Felix is one of our very skilled mechanics and can fix any issues you might have with your bike. He has been with the team for 4 years (since he was only 14!) and he has studied bike mechanics at the Otago Polytechnic.

Felix is an avid rider, and is happy to ride anywhere he can roll tyre or skid the knobs off a tire! Depending on where he’s riding, Felix loves either his Devinci Spartan Enduro Bike, his Devinci Wilson Downhill Bike or his Production Privee Shan.