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Just like any complex mechanical object, bikes are subject to wear and tear - servicing your bike prolongs its lifespan, and also highlights any potential issues before they become a problem. We recommend servicing every six months, more often if you ride every day, or just before a long ride or race.

Here at Bike Otago we provide you with professional and quality repairs at a realistic price. Our Service Team Ethan, Felix and Bryce will keep your ride running smoothly to the highest standard. 

To book your bike in, please call (03) 477-7396,  email or alternatively pop down to the store and chat to our friendly team in person!

For more information on our workshop, please click here.


A quick service and safety assessment including:

  • Adjust gears and brakes
  • Tyre Inflation
  • Check chain and sprocket wear
  • Check tightness of bars/headset/cranks/bottom


Our most popular service to keep your bike running smoothly: 

  • Remove and true wheels
  • Adjust and lube derailleurs, tune gears
  • Adjust brakes, calipers, pads and cables
  • Check all bolts and tighten


Includes all general service tuning plus the following additional features:

  • Cleaning of drivetrain
  • Replacing gear and brake cables
  • Remove bottom bracket and grease cups and threads
  • Adjust cones and locknuts


A full strip, clean and rebuild with all annual service features, plus; 

  • Replacement of both gear and brake cables 
  • Strip Headset, clean and grease
  • Replacement of hub bearings 
  • Rims, hubs, frame cleaned



  • Gear Tune Servicing from $30 including front and rear derailleur tune, resetting of derailleur limits, lubing of chain/derailleur and straightening if required 
  • Gear Cable Replacement $15 (parts not included) 
  • Chain Replacement $20 (does not include new chain) 
  • Di2 Tuning/Software Updates $60
  • Hydraulic Brake Servicing includes bleeding, cleaning pads & rotor plus straightening rotors: Sram brakes $40 per end, Shimano brakes $30 per end, conventional brakes $10 per end


We take great pride in our wheel building quality and guarantee our workmanship and parts. Our service manager Ethan, has a real passion for wheel building and this shows through his high quality builds and attention to detail. 

  • Wheel Builds $80. We build to your requirements using top quality spoke brands
  • Tubeless Wheel Repair $40. Includes changing a broken spoke or truing a buckled wheel
  • Non-Tubeless Wheel Repair $25. Includes changing a broken spoke or truing a buckled wheel.
  • Tubeless set up $25. Clean rim, apply tape, fit valve, add sealant, inflate. *Sealant included, valve and tape not. 
  • Tyre/Tube Replacement $10 (Not inc. tube) $20 inc new tube.


  • Suspension Tuning/setup $10 Suspension not feeling dialled? We can help fine tune your setup!
  • Rockshox Shock Full Service from $150 
  • Rockshox Fork 50hr Service $60. Parts not included.
  • Linkage Service $80
  • Rockshox Reverb Post Rebuild from $250 (dependent on model)
  • Rockshox Reverb Post Bleed $30


  • Bike Assemble $75. Had your bike shipped and need it put together? This service includes assembly from box and full safety check.
  • Bike Dismantle & Box $50. Need to ship your bike or transport on a plane? This service ensures your bike is safely dismantled and protected into a box for travel or shipping. Box and protection included. 
  • North Island Bike Shipping $60. Need to ship a bike? Well we can do it for you here! Drop off you bike either in it's boxed ship-able state or we can dismantle it and ship for you (see dismantle fee above) 
  • South Island Bike Shipping $40. Need to ship a bike? Well we can do it for you here! Drop off you bike either in it's boxed ship-able state or we can dismantle it and ship for you (see dismantle fee above) 
  • Basic Bike Clean $15. Dirt's no good. It wears out your drivetrain and gets into your suspension, wearing it out. If you'd rather kick back with a post-ride beer, let us do the hard work - we'll brush-and-hose off all the dirt, wipe your seals, and degrease and re-lube your drivetrain.
  • Premium Bike Clean - $40. Shiny bikes ride better, right? Let us give your bike a make over! We will wash your bike thoroughly from top to bottom, soak and degrease your drive chain, and wipe all your seals down. We'll then re-lube your drivetrain.