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For our general bike services, we offer three levels and two levels of bike cleaning. Just like any complex mechanical object, bikes are subject to wear and tear - servicing your bike prolongs its lifespan, and also highlights any potential issues before they become a problem. We recommend servicing every six months, more often if you ride every day, or just before a long ride or race.

For other kinds of work, such as fork services, wheel building, brake bleeding etc etc, please ask for a quote. 

To book your bike in, please call (03) 477-7396 or email

For more information on our workshop, please click here.

Safety check - $35

  • Check gears and brakes 
  • Check wheels true/tension 
  • Tyre inflation 
  • Check chain and sprocket wear
  • Check tightness of bars/headset/cranks/bottom bracket 

Standard Service - $80

  • As per safety check, plus:
  • Adjust gears and brakes 
  • Adjust headset  
  • True and tension wheels 
  • Basic Bike clean included

Premium Service - $160

  • As per standard service, plus:
  • Grease + adjust major bearings i.e. hubs, headset, pedals, bottom bracket (if not cartridge/sealed)
  • Clean and lube or replace cables (cost of cables is extra)
  • Premium Bike Clean

Basic Bike Clean - $15
Dirt's no good. It wears out your drivetrain and gets into your suspension, wearing it out. If you'd rather kick back with a post-ride beer, let us do the hard work - we'll brush-and-hose off all the dirt, wipe your seals, and degrease* and relube your drivetrain.

Premium Bike Clean - $40
Shiny bikes ride better, right? Let us give your bike a make over! We will wash your bike thoroughly from top to bottom, soak and degrease* your drive chain, and wipe all your seals down. We'll then re-lube your drivetrain and apply an appropriate protector for your frame's paintwork.

* we've got to add this caveat - sometimes drivetrains are covered in years of grime, and we just can't get them clean in a reasonable time scale. If this is the case with your bike, we'll let you know.