Spokes Dunedin and CAN

Anyone on two wheels is our friend. That's why we support two great organisations - the CAN (Cycling Advocates' Network), and our local advocacy group, Spokes Dunedin. These two groups encourage and promote cycling, cycle facilities, and cycling education, both locally and nationwide. Spokes Dunedin are critically important in advising the Dunedin council on further cycling developments.

If you think there should be better cycling facilities in Dunedin and across NZ, if you'd like to see fewer traffic jams, less air and noise pollution, and if you want a healthier population, then we strongly urge you to support these two organisations. You can join Spokes Dunedin by clicking here, and you can join the CAN by clicking here. A paid membership ensures these awesome people have the right resources to achieve their goals (and it's only twenty bucks, too).

Another fantastic resource here in Dunedin is The Crooked Spoke - a DIY workshop that's open and free for anyone to use, with a few regulars who are happy to give advice when needed. They also supply secondhand bicycles to those that need them, and donations of bikes and parts are very welcome. You'll find the Crooked Spoke on upper Moray Place (behind the theatre), and they're usually open on Wednesday and Friday evenings.