About our Workshop

Servicing and repairs are at the core of Bike Otago - We repair all bikes... from Road bikes, Commuters, Electric and MTB. We can also repair all brands including Giant, Specialized, Avanti, Kona, Merida, Yeti, Santa Cruz, Trek, BMC and pretty much all others.
We don't even have any salespeople, just a team of honest bike enthusiasts. We know being without your beloved bike isn’t very nice, so we try to keep our turnaround as fast as possible. 


Here is a great little video we made recently showcasing our mechanics at work


If you don’t know the difference between a straight-pull spoke and a cold-forged crankarm, that’s okay – no jargon, we’ll just talk you through what needs doing and why, and give you the best price we can. No obligations, either – we’ll inspect your bike for free and work within your budget.

We work on all bikes – everything from carbon-fibre roadies to burly downhill rigs to vintage town bikes. Electric bikes are a specialty. We can get almost any component available, and we’ve got boxes upon boxes of those hard-to-find parts hidden away upstairs. If you fancy an upgrade, we’ve also got a cabinet full of the latest bike bling for you to drool over.

We love the tough stuff. Wheelbuilding, fork and shock servicing, custom builds. .



How much do you charge for bike repairs?

It's often very hard to predict the final cost to repair a bike. It depends on if we need to replace parts and how much labour is involved. We charge $80 per hour for the actual time the mechanic is working on your job. Workshop parts are priced fairly and we will talk you through the options to ensure we don't go over your budget. 

Do I need to book my bike in advance? 

No, however it is recommended to especially over the summer months.  Give us a call or bring it down and we can discuss options with you. Once we have inspected your bike we will talk through any options with you.

Can you handle insurance jobs?

Yes, we are very happy to work with your insurance company to repair or replace your bike. Either refer us to them, or just come in and let us do make you a quote/estimate for the work required.

Can you service electric bikes?

We are happy to repair any electric bikes, although many brands of electric bikes are of non-standard construction making them more time consuming to work on than traditional bicycles. If we are unsure whether we can repair your bike for a reasonable cost we will let you know after your free inspection. 

Can you service suspension forks?

We sure can! We even have a special fork bay in our upstairs workshop. We are able to service most brands, including FOX, Rock Shox and Marzocchi forks and rear shocks.