About Our Workshop

Servicing and repairs are at the core of Bike Otago - We repair all different types of bikes... from Mountain, Road, CX, Commuters, Kids and Electric Bikes.
We work on all bikes – everything from carbon-fibre roadies to burly downhill rigs to vintage town bikes. Electric bikes are a specialty. We can get almost any component available, and we’ve got boxes upon boxes of those hard-to-find parts hidden away upstairs. If you fancy an upgrade, we’ve also got a cabinet full of the latest bike bling for you to drool over.
If you don’t know the difference between a straight-pull spoke and a cold-forged crankarm, that’s okay – no jargon, we’ll just talk you through what needs doing and why, and give you the best price we can. No obligations, either – we’ll inspect your bike for free and work within your budget.
We love the tough stuff...wheel building, fork and shock servicing, custom builds...our mechanics have exceptional attention to detail and take pride in a high level of workmanship. 
The bottom line is that here at Bike Otago we provide you with professional and quality repairs at a realistic price. Our Service Team Ethan, Felix and Bryce will keep your ride running smoothly to the highest standard. 

Meet Our Mechanics

Learn a little about the fella's working on your bikes! We've asked our service team a few questions as to highlight why they love what they do!

Ethan: Service Manager


How Many years have you been a mechanic?..5 years professionally, but I've been working on my own bikes since I've been riding them. 

What are you most passionate about in your workshop?...Solving intricate and complicated mechanical problems is what I really enjoy. It's satisfying to be able to exceed a customers level of expectation and solve difficult issues. 

Why the Bike Industry?...The bike industry is pretty much my lifestyle. My love for mountain biking has found me going from riding bikes to working on them!

Favourite thing about your role? Keeping customer's bikes running smoothly and encouraging more people to get on bikes! 

Mechanical Specialty... I really enjoy the attention to detail that Wheel Builds & Custom Builds provide me with. 

Greatest Strength...I would say my attention to detail is my greatest strength. I have great patience and finishing a job to the highest standard is what I take pride in.

 Felix: Mechanic



How many years have you been a mechanic?..about 5 years in total!

What are you most passionate about in your workshop?...completing a custom build from scratch is what I really enjoy the most. I also enjoy the daily fast paced and dynamic environment of the workshop, you really get to see a wide range of mechanical issues!

Why the bike industry?...Since being a grom I've always been fascinated with pulling things apart! I've had a good relationship with Bike Otago when it started up years ago and Kashi took me in as a bike builder. I grew my knowledge and skill base from there! 

Favourite thing about your role? ..Dialing in new builds and job satisfaction from fixing a broken bike into great working order!

Mechanical specialty... Custom builds...I've also got pretty handy at frame taping! I'm very particular about this and think I've got a good eye for detail!

Greatest strength...I would say my greatest strength is being able to silence random and bizarre noises that bikes can make! 

Bryce: Bike Builder 



How many years have you been a mechanic?..I'm fairly new to the industry and have been lucky enough to get a role as Bike Builder with Bike Otago. I've been fixing my own bikes since I was little and now I have the opportunity to learn from Ethan and Felix so it's exciting times ahead!

What are you most passionate about in your workshop?..as mentioned above the opportunity to learn and grow into a mechanic excites me! At the moment I'm really enjoying the experience and culture of working at Bike Otago.

Why the bike industry?...As mentioned since I was younger I've always been into bikes and this industry is just so much fun. It's awesome to be able to work day in day out with one of your biggest passions!

Favourite thing about your role? ..Learning. There is so much information to take in and it's great to be able to learn new skills. 

Mechanical specialty... At the moment I'm building bikes and servicing rentals so I've got pretty competent at that! At the moment I'm building my base knowledge and skill level up!

Greatest strength..my big smile and solid work ethic! 


Service FAQ'S

How much do you charge for bike repairs?

It's often very hard to predict the final cost to repair a bike. It depends on if we need to replace parts and how much labour is involved.. Workshop parts are priced fairly and we will talk you through the options to ensure we don't go over your budget. We offer 4 main service packages and a whole range of specific repairs too. Please see the link to our SERVICE MENU.

Do I need to book my bike in advance? 

Yes, this is recommended; especially over the summer months. We are usually booked up about two days in advance in the summer months and a day in advance in the winter months.  Give us a call (03 477 7396) email (workshop@bikeotago.co.nz) or bring it down and we can discuss with you. Once we have inspected your bike we will talk through any options/quotes with you. 

 Can you service electric bikes?

We are happy to repair any electric bikes, although many brands of electric bikes are of non-standard construction making them more time consuming to work on than traditional bicycles. If we are unsure whether we can repair your bike for a reasonable cost we will let you know after your free inspection. In a few cases the specific parts will need to be sent back to the supplier for assessment, this can take 2-3 weeks in total so please be aware of this time frame. 

Can you service suspension forks?

We sure can!  We are able to service most brands, including FOX, Rock Shox and Marzocchi forks and rear shocks. Sometimes we will send to the Fox service centre, in summer they usually have a turnaround time of 1-2 weeks, in winter it is a little less. We try to do as much as we can instore so the time off your bike is minimal! 

Can you do on the spot repairs? 

Occasionally, Yes. Even if we are quiet in the workshop we usually still will need to book your bike in for that day. The only repair we can sometimes do on the spot is a puncture repair. 

What is the turnaround time for bike repairs? 

If your bike is booked in to our workshop generally we will have it done that same day for you! The only case this is not possible is if we have to order in parts for your bike...this can delay the turnaround time to a few days so please be aware of this. 

 Do you offer a bike clean service?

Here at Bike Otago we offer two types of bike cleaning services. A basic clean for $15 and a detailed clean for $40. In the basic clean we'll brush-and-hose off all the dirt, wipe your seals, and degrease and re-lube your drivetrain. In a detailed clean we  wash your bike thoroughly from top to bottom, soak and degrease your drive chain, and wipe all your seals down. We'll then re-lube your drivetrain.