Urge Archi Enduro RR Full Face Helmet

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Outer shell and EPS

Our outer shell in composite material is a unique blend of glass fiber (80%) and natural linen fiber (20%), mixed with a thermosetting resin.
This material is meticulously laid out in order to obtain a multi-axial fibre with outstanding benefits that guarantees a better spread and diffusion of the shock waves more on the helmet than on the skull.
Our performances during the crash tests highly exceeded the legal requirements for the different norms (EN 1078, CPSC 1203, ASTM F1952, AS / NZS 2063) and outperform ABS, traditional and carbon fiber shells.
The focus was put on the chin guard in particular to obtain the best ratio between rigidity and necessary distortion to absorb impacts. The essential wide opening of the chin guard for optimal ventilation benefits from a high density polyurethane upper part. The obtaining of the ASTM F1952 norm, the only one that tests the chin guard, validates without a doubt the safety features highly sought-after.
The structure of the EPS has been designed to complete the unique features of the outer shell. Thanks to this exclusive combo, our helmet is lighter than the existing carbon top of the range models. We have created one of the safest helmets in this category with a weight under 1kg making it among the lightest.


Made of polyethylene, it is able to deform in case of an impact and exceeds the requirements of the norms. It is adjustable and fixed using aluminium screws.


The micrometric buckle is our choice for ergonomics, durability and quick use.


10 vents allow good ventilation in any circumstances, even at low speed. Ventilation on the front of the helmet is particularly unique, thanks to the specific design of the chin guard. The wide frontal vents and the cheek pads were also specifically redesigned to allow a real air flow around the ears.

Rear ergonomics

A short cut of the neck aims at making more room at the rear to offer a perfect compatibility when using a backpack.

Fitting and inner padding

The inner padding is entirely detachable and washable.
It was designed for optimal comfort and retention. The dual-density cheek pads were particularly elaborated to obtain a perfect fit. The one-piece pad brings excellent fit and comfort.
The “bamboo treated” material used targets a triple efficiency: antibacterial, moisture wicking and hypoallergenic.

Goggle/glasses compatibility

The wide opening aims at guarantee an optimal field of view, compatible with all goggles on the market, even the wider ones. Lateral “gripping” pads and the ergonomics of the helmet allows for a perfect position of the goggle strap.