Mons Royale Mens Tech Bike Sock

With a slim, engineered left and right fit you'll barely notice them as they slip right into your bike shoe. Their near invisibility with continue throughout your ride as the mesh panels in the toe, heel and underfoot work to keep feet cool. And merino's legendary moisture management and odour control capability means you won't notice them when it's time to take your shoeas off either.
  • Mesh panels in tow, heel and underfoot
  • 400Grams Compact yarn
  • 80% Merino / 18% Nylon / 2% Elastane
Merino is the perfect winter fabric. Soft against the skin and ultra-breathable with incredible wicking capabilities, it doesn’t get wet like cotton or clammy and stinky like synthetic fabrics. Its unique structure helps you to regulate your temperature, keeping you cool whether you’re in action or relaxing while still keeping you warm however harsh conditions get.



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