OKO X-treme Tyre Sealant 380ml

The Ultimate Off-Road Tyre Sealant
Seals slits, snake bites and holes like no other product
Now deals with slits and holes up to 7mm
Lighter and freer-flowing formula
The Choice of Winners
Finish your ride when others fall by the wayside

X-Treme is a genuine step forward in tyre sealant performance - a real breakthrough product that fights bigger holes and even slits.

Designed for the needs of off-road competitors and weekend riders, it is the difference between making it home and being left stranded by a ‘snake bite’/ pinch flat.

It has been tested in the most demanding downhill, extreme and cross-country events and has been the difference between winners and losers.

One 400 ml bottle will protect both a rider’s tyres, with enough to spare.

Like OKO Puncture Free, it is also perfect for full UST wheel/tyre tubeless conversions, in this case for those who will be putting their bikes through extreme tests. (Use OKO Magic Milk if you are using 'tubeless ready' tyres).

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